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The next episode of SciFi on Trial will be broadcast live on YouTube! Tune in this Sunday, September 17, at 6:30PM PT on to see John, Ryan and Jesse discuss whether John Carter is worth your time to watch. The trial format will be altered for a live audience, you can get the details in advance in this podcast announcement episode.


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  1. Hey I’m glad you followed through with this! And not just because my side won out! 😉 I thought you did a good job pointing out ways that the storyline is still dated & flawed. Wish I’d been able to log on, since nobody else logged in who had actually read the book. I can tell you it was on the whole pretty faithful to the book, with only a little bit of trimming and updating. You’re right to mention that many later works kind-of ripped off themes and ideas in this one… (you asked “Why was this movie made?” Well it was released in 2012 for the 100th anniversary of the book, in 1912! Either it was going to revive the franchise for a new generation – – there are about 9 sequel books – – or this would mark the point where the book was relegated to the dustbin of history. I’m glad you concluded it was worth watching, but I guess we know which way it’ll go…!) The same author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, wrote the first Tarzan book, and the wild man who can talk to animals is a much-copied trope in our entire entertainment culture. So yeah, if you dislike the trope of the cute white boy who fulfills an alien prophesy and becomes chief of a tribe of noble savages… Well this is pretty much where that trope started. (Robert Conrad may have barely beaten him to it, but Conrad wrote historical fiction.)
    Wish I could have logged on to say that stuff at the time, but right before you did the live episode, my main computer went down. (I’m still typing on my phone right now!) I hope in the future you can announce and schedule your live episodes further in advance, but I work a lot so who knows if I’ll manage to log on.
    I’d also love it if you could come up with some kind of intro or opening credits for your live episodes. I realize you’re still in the early stages. But listening to your audio podcasts, the synth theme really announces to me “Hey it’s another afternoon with Jesse and his friends!”

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