The Matrix Sequels on Trial

Our tribunal of nerds debate the merits of The Matrix sequels (The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Reloaded) to determine if either film is guilty of crimes against fandom. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, featuring Andi Alhadeff, Ryan Casey, Andrew Lee Creech, Allison Lizotte and Daniel Desrosiers.

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SciFi on Trial Live!

The next episode of SciFi on Trial will be broadcast live on YouTube! Tune in this Sunday, September 17, at 6:30PM PT on to see John, Ryan and Jesse discuss whether John Carter is worth your time to watch. The trial format will be altered for a live audience, you can get the details in advance in this podcast announcement episode.

Terminator Genisys on Trial


SciFi on Trial delves into the morass of convoluted time travel, liquid robots and car accidents that is Terminator Genisys, to determine if it is guilty of crimes against fandom. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, featuring Ryan Casey, Johnny Unicorn, Allison Lizotte, Daniel Desrosiers and Naomi Adele Smith.

Listen to John, Jesse and Naomi discuss the Terminator franchise in preparation for this episode:

SciFi #82: The Terminator Franchise

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The Happening on Trial

The Happening

The Happening is remembered as a poorly acted mess, but is it actually a pitch perfect B movie? (Not a bee movie, because the bees are all dying, because science.) Our panel determines the quality of this film once and for all. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, featuring Billy Anderson, Ryan Casey, Anica Cihla, Johnny Unicorn and an interview from Jayne Smith.

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Guardians of the Galaxy on Trial!


Was the soundtrack truly an awesome mix? Would Rocket have been better with a British accent? Are you Groot? Our panel peels back the layers of hype to examine Guardians of the Galaxy, and determine if it has been remembered fairly.

Armageddon on Trial!


Our SciFi on Trial panel debates the 1998 Michael Bay disaster flick Armageddon, to determine once and for all if a bunch of oil drilling roughnecks have what it takes to save the planet. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, starring Jean Burnet, Ryan Casey, Natalie Holt and Johnny Unicorn, with an interview by Michael Montoure.