Terminator Genisys on Trial


SciFi on Trial delves into the morass of convoluted time travel, liquid robots and car accidents that is Terminator Genisys, to determine if it is guilty of crimes against fandom. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, featuring Ryan Casey, Johnny Unicorn, Allison Lizotte, Daniel Desrosiers and Naomi Adele Smith.

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SciFi #82: The Terminator Franchise

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The Happening on Trial

The Happening

The Happening is remembered as a poorly acted mess, but is it actually a pitch perfect B movie? (Not a bee movie, because the bees are all dying, because science.) Our panel determines the quality of this film once and for all. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, featuring Billy Anderson, Ryan Casey, Anica Cihla, Johnny Unicorn and an interview from Jayne Smith.

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Howard the Duck on Trial!

Howard the Duck

In 1986 Howard the Duck waddled onto the big screen, and the multiverse has never been the same. Considered to be one of the biggest flops of all time, this film has become synonymous with bad writing, box office failure, and an egregious bounty of duck jokes. 30 years later, SciFi on Trial takes a second look to determine if this film is remembered fairly. Jesse Mercury hosts a panel discussion with Anica Cihla, Ryan Casey, Maddie Downs and Johnny Unicorn to dissect the film’s reputation. Featuring an interview with Sarah Lehman, and a special message from the cast of Dead Drift.

Back to the Future Part III on Trial! (Part 2 of 2)

Backfu3 (1)

Steampunk trains! Steampunk rifles! Steampunk ice makers! Viggo Mortensen’s penis! All that and much more will titillate your earballs as our SciFi on Trial panel gallops towards the inevitable verdict. They fill plot holes, discuss the legacy, and write an alternate version of the film that might tear apart the very fabric of the universe. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, starring Johnny Unicorn, Ryan Casey, Daniel Desrosiers and Daniel O’Connell, with interviews from Justin Minich, Erin Ingle and Daniel Sanchez. Your future isn’t written yet, except for the part where you fall in love with this glorious episode.