Back to the Future Part III on Trial! (Part 2 of 2)

Backfu3 (1)

Steampunk trains! Steampunk rifles! Steampunk ice makers! Viggo Mortensen’s penis! All that and much more will titillate your earballs as our SciFi on Trial panel gallops towards the inevitable verdict. They fill plot holes, discuss the legacy, and write an alternate version of the film that might tear apart the very fabric of the universe. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, starring Johnny Unicorn, Ryan Casey, Daniel Desrosiers and Daniel O’Connell, with interviews from Justin Minich, Erin Ingle and Daniel Sanchez. Your future isn’t written yet, except for the part where you fall in love with this glorious episode.



  1. Great podcast. BUT… I’m not sure how they can travel back to the original 1985 in your reimagined version , as that 1985 would be in a completely different time line and therefore inaccessible.

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